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Group Classes

Gider Method is uniquely designed to work with small groups to accomodate specific health concerns and conditions such as Dementia, social isolation and poor coordination in seniors.   We believe there are incredible benefits in working with small groups and since we use ballroom dances as our core program, it encourages participants to actively engaged with others.  This feature of ballroom dances promotes socialization, improvements in cognitive skills and decision making abilities.   We think everyone will benefit from group classes.

We are experienced in working with many different type of groups such as children, adults, seniors, patients with dementia, disabled and athletes.


Please send us your request on group classes by using our contact form and indicate number and types of particpants.

Dance Seminars

Dance seminars are for those who are interested in improving their social dance skills.  Seminars are designed to provide lectures, dance classes and dance parties.  On special request we will incorporate lectures on dancing techniques, etiquette and communication. 

Dance seminats consists of 10 - 12 units each 45 minutes and  3 days, 2 nights (FRI 7 pm - SUN 1 pm)

If you are interested in organizing, hosting or participating in our Dance Seminars, please send us your request on group classes by using our contact form and indicate your preferences.

Expert Opinion For

Dance Competitors

We are experts in both, International and  American styles.  You can send us a video by mailing in or sending a Link to your online-video and we will send you an impartial opinion followed by


Your evaluation will be based on

  • individual & couple screening
  • technique screening
  • artistic merits
  • overall impressions

Individual Client Consultation

You love to dance and you think you could use specific dance patterns for your work out? We will provide a individual exercise schedule in consideration of your personal needs and your body constitution. Please understand that we will need to request medical and some personal information to better serve your individual needs.

If you are interested in idividualized fitness regiment, please send your request by using our contact form.

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